Would you like to have secured access to ALL your company’s digitalized information from anywhere in the world, on any device connected to the Internet, just like sitting in your office chair? Independent of whether you’re at home, in a hotel, an airport terminal, an internet café, … How would you like to check out the daily results of your companies worldwide?

Or maybe you would just like to make a sale and print an invoice, on a client’s computer in Israël, Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world while your stock in Antwerp is adjusted?

How to turn your global branches into one cost-effective crew?

DiaCrew Offers you:

Complete privacy

  • DiaCrew servers provide secured encrypted connections to all your applications
  • Digipass security (like e-banking) provided at login
  • Built-in firewall against hackers and intrusions
  • Total security of server and client PC

Centralization of data

  • Centralisation of files and printers, forced to work over the DiaCrew network
  • User rights can be set for centralized files, maximizing security and productivity
  • Hard disk usage can be limited per user preventing the storing of personal files on the server

File and user security 

  • "Volume shadow copies" enable us to revert to your older data
  • "Group policy" prevents users from installing software
  • Access to certain websites and/or protocols can be blocked (Twitter, Facebook, ...)

Simple, centralized and cost effective management of soft- and hardware

  • Automated updates and patches on the server
  • Substantially reduce downtime using clustered environment
  • Work at the blazing speed of the state-of-the-art system we install for you


XSS has been a trusted technology partner for the diamond industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge of this market, passed on over 3 generations, allows us to design custom made solutions for the industry and stay ahead of market demands.

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