Over the last months several countries worldwide have passed laws forcing telecom providers to store and make available browsing history to supervisory bodies.

Also certain countries block specific content on the internet.

How often do you feel limited or watched when browsing the internet?

DiaBrowse Offers you:

Complete privacy

  • No browsing history stored externally.
  • Internet traffic redirected over different geographical locations.
  • You and YOU ALONE decide which websites you want to visit, without limitations.

Full control of your internet connection

  • Improved and easy setting of browsing rules. 
  • Improve staff performance by (partially) limiting internet usage to company-related sites.
  • Built-in statistics on internet usage.

Platform independent functionality

  • No local software installation required.
  • Connection settings applied to single user PC or entire network.
  • "Future proof" – System retains functionality, regardless of new technology.

DiaBrowse compared to general anonymizers

  • Higher overall browsing speed.
  • Fully customizable connection upon demand.
  • Easy reacheable support available.


XSS has been a trusted technology partner for the diamond industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge of this market, passed on over 3 generations, allows us to design custom made solutions for the industry and stay ahead of market demands.

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