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XSS BVBA had been a trusted technology partner for the diamond industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge of this market , passed on over 3 generations, allows us to design custom made solutions for the industry and stay ahead of market demands.
Our core product is the DiaAdmin software, enabling users to keep track of - and report on any transaction made worldwide. In order for users to make these entries in a controlled and secured environment we created Citrix Remote Workspace acces to the application.
Over 150 loyal customers, enjoying the benefits of our services in Belgium as well as abroad prove the reliability and the facilities of the daily use of our DiaAdmin® software. 
We at XSS understand that Diamond business is not like any other business. 
Out-of-the-box solutions often do not solve the needs of a flourishing diamond company. We are proud to say that the DiaAdmin® Software is able to keep track of your administration in every possible aspect. 
From the simplest purchase to the most complicated sale, and far beyond, the DiaAdmin® Software allows you to create entries in a flexible and structured way.
As a result of constantly striving for state of the art security and privacy solutions we can now offer an array of products to suit your every business need.
Our main office, home base to 6 full-time staff members, is located in Antwerp. Late 2012 our India operations were launched out of our Mumbai offices, and that is now home base for 5 full-time staff members.
We also schedule monthly visits to Dubai and we are planning our second satellite office opening in the course of 2015.
Besides these markets we also cater to Israël, USA, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and any other party of the world where diamonds are traded.


Bert Meeus
General Manager

Bert Meeus is the Director of X.S.S. BVBA. After he studied Business Economics, he started his career in a completely different sector. He wanted to find out what the job market had to offer, so he went from one place to another, until finally he found something he liked.

In only six months he became head of the quality control of a multinational in food packaging. It was in that period that he was contacted by Mr. Glenn Brignola, who had been his friend and neighbor for many years, to come and work for Diampro.

It was through him, that Bert got involved in the Diamond Software Market.

When Mr. Brignola decided to retire from the Diamond Market, a new company was founded and a new Windows based package was built: DiaAdmin.

X.S.S. BVBA was born, ensuring continuous support and service for the best Diamond software. Being convinced that he would succeed in his plan, satisfied clients are the living proof that he made the right decision.

And it is his ultimate goal to make every single one of his clients happy, because he knows that is the only way you can succeed in business.

Jan Meeus
Sales Manager

Jan Meeus is a family man. Happily married and father of two beautiful daughters. 

He enjoys motorcycles, boating, waterskiing, going to restaurants and movies.

Jan is a self made man.

After obtaining his degree in mechanical engineering, he started his career in ’95 as technical assistant for Colt International N.V.

Combining this job with evening courses to obtain a teachers degree, he worked himself up to Project Manager.

After receiving his teacher’s degree, he continued his career as project supervisor for Brakel-Aero N.V. with responsibilities for the French speaking part of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Joining XSS BVBA in January 2004 was a challenge which he accepted with open arms. Working in a "family" business and dealing with a new and innovative product in a strong client relationship market was a dream come true!

Continued evening classes in accountancy, sales, management and Masters in Business Administration helped him become the strong, self-assured leader of XSS’s international sales team as is today.

Kristof Andries
Support Manager

Kristof is the 2008 addition to the company, he has a degree in marketing and computer sciences.


He started his carrier in a promotional organization for agricultural products as marketing manager where he coordinated marketing actions, surveys, fairs and websites. After a few years Kristof started to miss the IT-business and was looking for a new challenge.


End 2007 Bert talked to Kristof about the growth of his company and that they needed someone to assist in the market. So Kristof applied for the job as Marketing and Support manager which includes giving support to clients and developing new marketing strategies. Besides those acitvities Kristof takes care of the accountancy and assists Bert in maintaining our Citrix Remote Servers.


In his free time Kristof enjoys playing board and computer games.

Michael Brignola
Chief Engineer

After finishing high school in 1999, he enrolled in the Antwerp Business School to get his Masters in Business Studies.

Since he wasn’t challenged enough, the next year he also started following courses for Computer Science.

The following 2 years he went to Ghent to complete his studies there, also running a 3 month internship in a U.S. Government Agency.
In September 2003 he finally got his degree.

Being introduced in the Diamond Market at age 12 by his grandfather Louis, he has a good insight in the way the diamond industries is run.

If you add over 10 years of experience with computers, you get a pretty good combination for his job today.

Always eager of implementing new technologies, he keeps the DiaAdmin program up to date.

Most of his time goes to the job, but in his free time Michael enjoys to ride his motorcycle, play baseball and study.

Urmil Shah
Sales Manager

Urmil is adaptable in new situations and likes challenges. 

Urmil has a degree in Engineering and Masters in Marketing. In the initial years he joined the diamond industry with a public listed Diamond Sightholder Company as Asst Mgr – Marketing. In 2 years he rose within the company to handle account of India’s largest retail chain and few other regions in India.

Urmil had the belief that a sales person should have experience of selling Product and Service. Hence after almost 4 years he left glowing career at the diamond company and joined Orasi Technology. At Orasi he was responsible for Sales and Account Management of USA based GemEx Systems - leader in diamond certification.

During working with GemEx he came in contact with XSS and an exciting journey started. According to him the best part of working in XSS is you never have to go to work… but you have to go to chase your passion. The same passion and fun is shared with clients and hence they like and admire us. 

Currently Urmil spends most of his time to grow business in Dubai.

Urmil loves to play Chess, Badminton, Carrom and spend time with his wife and son.

Yogesh Bhagwat
Senior Software Developer
Yogesh has completed his master degree in Computer Application. He started his career as a junior programmer in 2005, where he had to develop Windows based applications as per client requirements.

In 2007 he got an opportunity to work for an organization, specialized in Telecom and IT security. In that company he has to collect required data from clients, making analysis of received data, discussing the same with the team members, designing databases, developing new application, maintaining existing projects and implementing new projects at client’s sites.
Since July 2013 he is working for XSS as a senior software developer.

Currently he lives with his parents in Mumbai. In his free time he likes to watch movies and cricket is his favorite sport.


XSS has been a trusted technology partner for the diamond industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge of this market, passed on over 3 generations, allows us to design custom made solutions for the industry and stay ahead of market demands.

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